The "Johannische Sozialwerk"

What is it?

The "Johannisches Sozialwerk e.V." is an independent humanitarian institution of the "Johannische Kirche" (Johannische Church); it was founded in 1954 in West-Berlin and is now working in different parts of Germany. With its social and medical facilities, the "Johannisches Sozialwerk" is a reliable social partner for the people.

The origins of this social work lie in the beginning of the 20th century. "My idea was to help people who were suffering, depressed or ill." These are the words of the social and religious reformer Joseph Weißenberg (1855-1941). Starting in 1920, he and his followers established a residential estate auspiciously called the "Friedensstadt" (City of Peace), 30 km south of Berlin.

People of all social classes found a new home in this community based on solidarity and Christian values. But only 15 years later this work had to end: In 1935 the NS regime banned the Johannische Church (founded in 1926), occupied the estate and forced the inhabitants to leave.

In 1946 the Johannische Church was established anew. Eight years later, in 1954, the church founded the "Johannische Sozialwerk". This organization continued the social work started in the "Friedensstadt" more than 30 years previously. Until 1990, the "Johannische Sozialwerk" managed social facilities for young people, adults and senior citizens in many parts of West Berlin and West Germany. The German reunification allowed the organization to start independent social projects also in the former eastern part of Germany. After the Second World War, the Red Army took over the area of the "Friedensstadt" and their garrison in Glau occupied the estate until 1994. After the return of the area to the church, this quickly became a centre for social work based on Christian roots.

Its facilities are open to all people who need help, regardless of their political or religious views. The employees of the "Johannische Sozialwerk" also come from many different countries and have different political and religious origins. They share the vision of mutual acceptance and tolerance.

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Contact and Help

How can one get to know this church?

The Johannische Church has open doors. Church services and working groups are open to anyone.

Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Send us an email to info(at),
call us during the usual business hours (Mo-Fr, 9-5h CET) or visit any of our 30 congregations in Germany.

How is the church financed?

Mainly through donations and subcriptions. Members decide how much they can pay. Active voluntary work is an extremly important contribution.

Do you want to help? Feel free to contact us (see above).