Joseph Weißenberg - the founder of the Johannische Church

Who was he?

Joseph WeißenbergJoseph Weißenberg (picture, 1855-1941) was the son of Silesian working class parents. He was a bricklayer by profession. At an early age he sensed God´s will that he devote his life to his fellow-men. He reintroduced the early Christian practice of healing by laying on of hands and made people well in body, soul and mind. The Johannische Christians see him as the Comforter und Spirit of Truth, as prophesied by Jesus Christ.

How is the Johannische Church administered now?

The first head of the church was Joseph Weißenberg. In 1932 he called his daughter, Frieda Müller, to be his successor. She, in turn, appointed her daughter, Josephine Müller, to be the next head of the Church.

Contact and Help

How can one get to know this church?

The Johannische Church has open doors. Church services and working groups are open to anyone.

Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Send us an email to info(at),
call us during the usual business hours (Mo-Fr, 9-5h CET) or visit any of our 30 congregations in Germany.

How is the church financed?

Mainly through donations and subcriptions. Members decide how much they can pay. Active voluntary work is an extremly important contribution.

Do you want to help? Feel free to contact us (see above).