The teachings and mission of the
Johannische Church

What are its teachings?

The Bible is the guiding principle for the human level of existence. Just as there is visible life, there is also a spiritual world. Every person has an immortal soul. Death holds no fear for a person who believes, because it means a return to eternal life.

The earth is a planet where souls can be redeemed. Here, the souls who lapsed from God and were cast out with Lucifer (Revelations 12,7-9) can find their way back to God through their own free will and through God´s grace.

Souls may have lived on earth as human beings many times in order to mature according to God´s will.

People can attain spiritual strength by doing good and loving others. They can take this strength with them to the world beyond. With the sacrament of spiritual healing, Joseph Weißenberg reintroduced healing by the laying on of hands. He said: Sickness is spirit, spirit embodied in the flesh.

What is its mission?

The church sees its duty as actively living out Jesus Christ´s Sermon on the Mount. A community of brothers and sisters helps people to live their lives as God intends.

What it its position regarding people of other confessions?

Lecture from the AKR
The Johannische Church is a member of the "AKR" in Berlin. It is a workshop in which different churches and religious communities are organized to discuss religious topics from different aspects.

Just as there are many roads leading into a town, so there are many waysin which God gathers his children to Him through different religions. Joseph Weißenberg said: Johannische Christians, aim to bridge all confessions through love.

Contact and Help

How can one get to know this church?

The Johannische Church has open doors. Church services and working groups are open to anyone.

Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Send us an email to info(at),
call us during the usual business hours (Mo-Fr, 9-5h CET) or visit any of our 30 congregations in Germany.

How is the church financed?

Mainly through donations and subcriptions. Members decide how much they can pay. Active voluntary work is an extremly important contribution.

Do you want to help? Feel free to contact us (see above).